Research Projects

Family Sleep

In this academic research project, I collaborated with a post-doc at the University of Washington to qualitatively explore how families track health and sleep metrics when tracking is largely considered an individual activity. This multi-year project resulted in the initial formative study and concluded with a design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of a family sleep tracking probe.

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PhD Thesis (ongoing)

My PhD thesis explores the accessibility and inclusivity of mental health technologies with special emphasis on the intersection of stigma and non-Western cultures. Thus far, I have conducted a remote interview study of how university students of E. Asian backgrounds perceive and use these tools, uncovering barriers to entry due to lack of literacy and communication skills.  My current project leverages an ecological model in a series of participatory co-design sessions with international students, UBC counselors, and administrators. My thesis proposal is scheduled for spring of 2022.

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Alaska Airlines Check-in

In my Masters' capstone project in HCDE UW, my team and I explored the design space of a check-in process of a major US airline. Using elements of Design Thinking with a human-centered approach, we richly characterized travelers' needs and pain points to inform a novel design solution and a high fidelity prototype. 

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