Current Projects

Collaborative Dynamic Queries: ComeTogether

Group Work in the Context of Social Event Planning

January 2018 - Present


Project Overview

I am currently collaborating with 2 PhD candidates, Minhyang “Mia” Suh and Ray Hong, and Professors Mark Zachry and Juho Kim on a project that looks into group work in the context of social event planning. The current methods of planning a get-together within a small group involve a disjointed process, where multiple apps and communication methods are juggled together uncomfortably. An opportunity for streamlining group event planning is the rationale for ComeTogether.


ComeTogether combines a Yelp-like search feature and communication functionalities of a chat app with filtering capabilities that share individual preferences to the group. We believe this will cut communication costs of existing methods of group event planning and also be more inclusive of all group members’ preferences. This phase of the project is designed as a deployment study, testing how people use ComeTogether compared to their normal method of planning.


My Role

My primary role in this project is as a qualitative researcher, conducting 2 diary studies and a round of evaluations to test the usability of the tool. My responsibilities includes taking charge of the participants, devising the protocols, and analyzing the data. Based on our findings so far, we are currently designing a third round of diary studies to overcome some of the limitations concerning levels of participation.


My future responsibilities are to complete the data collection, conduct data analysis, and then co-write a paper to be submitted for CHI 2019 (deadline September 2018).



The goal of the diary studies was to provide comparisons between using ComeTogether with their current method of small group event planning. We designed them to be field studies, as we were interested in gaining insight into how they would use the two methods in their everyday lives. 




The first study was for 4 weeks and involved having our participants submit daily surveys of their planning activities using their current method for organizing. The second study was for 4 weeks, and participants submitted similar surveys but this time, we asked for them to use ComeTogether. Ahead of the second diary study, we tested ComeTogether to discover and resolve any usability issues.

Design Features

The main component of ComeTogether is the CDQ, or the dynamic preferences that are seen by everyone in the group. The screen below shows how choosing restaurants can be a more collaborative experience when using CDQ. At a glance, the user can view everyone's preferences and which restaurants are unanimously agreed on based on their own filters. As of yet, the design is not set and may see some changes before deployment.

Personal Finance

Understanding Tool Use for Setting Personal Finance Goals

June 2018 - Present


Project Overview

I am currently collaborating with a PhD candidate, Minhyang “Mia” Suh, on her project studying how personal finance is understood and accessed by those who use personal finance apps. Though finance apps abound in app stores (e.g. Mint), very few HCI research is devoted to financial tool use, as finances tend to be viewed as sensitive or even taboo. Specifically, we look at goal setting in the context of personal finances and whether technology can help with successfully setting and meeting goals.


This project is in collaboration with Yahoo Finance and is advised by Profs. Gary Hsieh and Sean Munsion from HCDE.


Ultimately, the goal of this project is to lay the discovery work to inform design implications for a soon-to-be-built tool for setting financial goals.

My Role

My primary role in this project is as a qualitative researcher, planning for and conducting in-depth interviews with 4 financial experts and 20 users and a competitive analysis of top financial apps in the market. My future responsibilities are to complete data collection, conduct data analysis, and then co-write a paper to be submitted for CHI 2019 (deadline September 2018).


In-depth Interviews

  • 5 Financial Experts

  • 20 Participants who have used financial tools


Literature Review

  • Social streams that promote behavior change

  • How finances are viewed by different populations

  • How temporal horizons factor in setting financial goals

Competitive Analysis

We are in the process of compiling relevant features produced by apps that are available on both iOS and Android platforms. Some apps strive to be comprehensive with users’ finances, requiring links to bank and credit card accounts. To limit the sheer number of apps on the market, we are only looking at those with more than 1000 reviews.

Current Status

We are now at the halfway mark of the interview process. Of those we have completed, we are starting analysis by reading through transcripts of the interviews. The protocol for the second batch of interviews will be edited based on findings we will uncover from the first half.