Skills & Expertise


Usability Testing and Evaluation​

  • Lab based

  • In the wild / guerilla

Qualitative Research

  • Interviews

  • Contextual inquiries

  • Diary studies

  • Surveys

Quantitative Research

  • Statistical design

  • Data Manipulation (RStudio, python, Tableau, q)

Data Synthesis & Analysis

  • Journey maps

  • Personas

  • Grounded Theory Analysis

Ideation Techniques

  • Brainwriting

  • Sketching

  • Drawing the problem space

  • Participatory Design

  • Focus groups

  • Social media scraping

  • Competitive analysis

  • Contextual Scenarios

  • User Stories

  • User Flow


Web Programming (HTML, JS, CSS)

Java / Android

Systems Programming (C/C++)


Version Control (Git, SVN)


User Centered Design

Interaction Design (IA)

Prototyping (Adobe XD, Axure, Sketch, wireframing)

Visual Design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch)

Video (Adobe After Effects, iMovie, storyboarding)

Information Visualization (Tableau, Chart.js, RStudio)